Mary Farrell
Mary Farrell – C.T.A., M.I.A.T.I., BA Applied Taxation, MA Accounting.

About Tax Advice Services

We deal with all aspects of Revenue compliance in terms of making returns for self-employed people, directors and landlords.

As a practice we specialise in Revenue Audit and the taxation of property including the transfer of personal and business assets between generations.

The practice was founded in 2012 by Mary Farrell, who was a former Tax Inspector and Revenue Auditor. We provide a comprehensive range of tax advice to business, individuals and other professionals across the North West and in Dublin.

We also deal with compliance particularly for landlords.

Tax Returns

Filing your tax returns on time saves you surcharge which costs of up to 10% of tax- We can help

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Tax Advice

Farmers, Business owners and directors- We can help you plan your retirement in a tax efficient manner with timely tax advice

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Revenue Audit

Never a happy situation - We will work with you and your accountant to minimise the stress and cost

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Inheritance Tax/Gift Tax

Passing on assets need not mean passing on a tax bill with the assets - we will advise and in complex cases plan the succession strategy with you to minimise tax exposure

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Tax Appeals

Revenue is not always right. If we believe that you have a case we will advise you and work with your accountant/solicitor to reduce costs.

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Accountants/Solicitors/Agricultural Consultants

We work with other professionals nationally and internationally to provide the best outcomes for clients across a range of tax issues.

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